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How can medicine delivery, nursing, elderly care and more transform the last meter? Kairos Future knows the #lastmeter is part of the solution.


BASE2 Team

February 6, 2019

How can medicine delivery, nursing, elderly care and more transform the last meter? Kairos Future knows the #lastmeter is part of the solution.

February 6, 2019


Kairos Future has spent the last year developing an analysis report on the future of healthcare - together with Sveriges Arbetsterapeuter and Tamro medical distribution. The vision is a more advanced and universal healthcare provision - for reduced cost. Ida Kåhlin,Förbundsordförande for Sveriges Arbetsterapeuter describes the vision as follows:

En vardag, där man kan vara aktiv i såväl den verkligasom den virtuella världen med digitala tjänster utifrån det man vill och behöver göra.

It might seem these are contradictory objectives but they add up to potential for synergy when seen through the correct lenses.

The four lenses chosen for developing a new solution approach are - housing, distribution/service, worklife, health (as opposed to illness). This approach takes the healthcare and public service debate out of a political and financial crisis narrative into a much more interesting discussion about the progress of cities, design, technology strategy, and how all these interlocking strands can reveal new opportuniteis to improve healthcare and healthcare distribution, while reducing costs and complexity. Part of the is the role of the #lastmeter.


The report identifiies various dimensions of a #lastmeter solution for healthcare related activities and deliveries.

  • Chilled/insulated deliveries for smaller properties
  • Secure sign-off for prescriptions delivered at home.
  • An general standard for locking of medical storage cabinets.
  • A protocol for the use - by whom, for what - of  medical storage cabinets.
  • An information platform that can facilitate information flows and sign-off.
  • A distributed information model that facilitates dosage and treamtment monitoring.

Many of these features are impossible to imagine without deep integration with real estate ownership, development, and management.

And as the role of real estate is considered, rather than just a technical solution, the opportunity for these last meter supports to healthcare delivery get put into the broad context of social engagement and connection. As Mats Olsson, author of the report for Kairs Future says:

Tekniken kan erbjuda alternativa lösningar som underlättar livet men den kan inte ersätta mänsklig kontakt.


Kairos Future (2018). Nära liv – nära vård i en digital vardag.- Kairos Future, 2018 (Stockholm)