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Don't install stranded tech at the last meter. Make it work for last meter value. Roger Tofft has seen it all ...

Stockholm + London

BASE2 Team

February 6, 2019

Don't install stranded tech at the last meter. Make it work for last meter value. Roger Tofft has seen it all ...

February 6, 2019


BASE2 is happy to announce the inclusion of Roger Tofft, one of the pioneers in the UK and the Nordics of building upgrade at the last meter as an Ecosystem Advisor to BASE2, and a partnership with Splitsign etc in the development of the Last Meter Ecosystem. Roger says

Last Meter is building up a large piece of the future of real estate value by integrating homeservices and retail at the last meter. I am delighted to join forces to accelerate this.


"I have built my expertise helping real estate find value in the use of last meter upgrades - in the form of boxes, locks, cameras, screens, apps and more. So I know first hand how much more value is added for residents and real estate owners and managers to these upgrades when they enable and secure the homeservice and retail experiences that are now growing so fast", continues Roger.

"BASE2 is also taking a middle-way approach to helping real estate owners - which is important. The Last Meter platform adds value to real estate owners 'out of the box' - for now cost - but also is builds on open standards and contributes an ecosystem of value together with other, compatible solutions chosen by the real estate owner and manager.

From experience I also know that moving too fast and losing trust - either by mishandling data or selling a solution that traps real estate into a private model or can't scale - is a classic mistake. I'm happy to see that a priority for BASE2 has been to build and maintain trust, and maintain flexibility. This is the right way to build for the long term, and all the changes that are coming."


John Manoochehri, CEO of BASE2 says

Roger is the original and best pioneer of adding technical solutions at the last meter, and knows what has been tried, and how the solutions pieces fit together for real estate, residents and third-parties better than anyone. I'm grateful he is joining forces - because his guidance, partners, and solutions will help the Last Meter grow and stabilize, and add value directly to owners and residents - while create a clear sales pathway for technical solution providers in the ecosystem.

John continues: "I decided early on that Last Meter could not and should not attempt to be either a one-size-fits-all solution, or even worse, based on a private technical pathway that BASE2 tries to control and monetize. Instead, we work with owners, residents, homeservice companies, retailers - and technical solution providers - to provide compatible solutions with each other, enabling the best balance of speed, quality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness in the development of the last meter environment.

This might take more time than selling a single 'solution', but for us it keeps the focus on trust, value and simplicity in the real estate and resident experience.

We're delighted by partnering with Roger to accelerate our support our homeservices and retail partners - visible here and available in Last Meter enabled properties - and to create more focus on building upgrade for ecosystem partners starting with LocalLife (resident app) and Parakey (digital access solution). We will announce all the partners on the emerging Last Meter ecosystem in the coming weeks.

Residents who want to get their buildings and favorite services and brands on to the Last Meter platform can sign up here and partners offering technical solutions at the last meter who want to participate can connect by contacting us at"


Roger Tofft is the CEO and founder of Splitsign